The Secret India Tours main trekking guide and tour leader is Didier Binetruy – born French, he is known in India mostly with his local name, Devgan. He left France when only 18 to work and travel in Asia, Africa and Australia. He has lived and traveled extensively in India for nearly two decades and considers the country to be his spiritual home. He worked for many years as a trekking guide and tour leader for the well known French trekking agency Terres d’Aventures, and now since years has continued his work independently. He is a photographer, nature lover and a certified hatha yoga teacher, who practices meditation under the guidance of his spiritual Master, Sri Chandra Swami ji Udasin. Didier spends his free time with his wife in the Himalayas and is always happy to introduce new people to the secrets of India that he loves.

The staff on treks everywhere – porters, chef, horsemen and helpers – are all local men born and bred on the area. They know and respect the environment and local customs, and by working with us on treks, they get some much-needed income to support their families.